Every year the Rusty Sprocket MCC host a charity event to raise money for a nominated charity. It's a weekend event where bikers get together have a few drinks and have a lot of fun. There are live bands, stalls, fun & games and food on site.

Every year from 2013 onwards I have volunteered to design the shirts for the Moonrally. At first I would slightly change what they currently had but over the past two years I have totally come up with a new design. I have to remain with the key feature (Someone pulling a moony, hence Moonrally) but everything else I can make up and do what I like. I really enjoy creating these designs and hopefully I will continue to do them for a few years to come.

Rusty Sprocket MCC Shirts
Rusty Sprocket MCC 2015
Rusty Sprocket MCC 2016